Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Engaging academic elites from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics sectors to exchange their expertise and together provide the most updated STEAM education to school and vocational students, and close the gap of STEAM educations between Asia and Australia.
Its functions are and not limited as the follows:

  • a. Organising worldwide and national STEM (Robotic) Competitions
  • b. STEAM events management
  • c. Offer Academic seminars and lectures to overseas and domestics students

Our Goals

The council is responsible for the provision of strategic advice on important and emerging sciences, technology and performing arts issues affecting the world. It also acts to bridge international collaboration between educational institutions and industry to aid the development of STEAM knowledge and skills in young people, particularly through educational activities and events.
  • To provide advocacy for STEAM and be a thought leader at critical government, industry and academic forums and/or representation on at least one government, industry, artistic or educational advisory arrangement;
  • To foster innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise focused educational activities for young people;
  • To encourage practical skills, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking through the development of international events and competitions for young people world-wide;
  • Administers competitions, grants and prizes to support international collaboration and participation of students in STEAM activities;
    To endorse and approve suitable STEAM undertakings for young people;
  • To build skills and capabilities in young people through STEAM activities to enable young people to effectively be prepared for career roles that are dramatically changing and evolving through the impact of science and technology and emerging artistic endeavours on jobs for the future.